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Our Specialties

Breast Surgery
Colorectal Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Procedures
Hernia Surgery


Our Specialties


Thoracic Surgery

There are a number of different kinds of thoracic surgery for reasons such as removal of a lung mass, a collapsed lung or other lung conditions. Dr. Spillane takes a multidisciplinary approach to care which involves a thoracic oncology team. This team includes members from radiation oncology as well as medical oncology who meet regularly evaluating appropriate treatment options during thoracic care conference. Surgery is tailored to the patient’s disease while offering a variety of minimally invasive techniques including thoracoscopy and robotic assisted lobectomies. Care focuses on individual needs, pain control and postoperative care. Your surgeon will determine if a thoracoscopy or a thoracotomy  is needed for your thoracic surgery.

thoracic surgery



Southeastern Surgical uses only the best technology. This is why for thoracic surgery, our doctors will utilize the daVinci Surgcial System.

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